Showing posters 01/39—39/39 from the Santa Monica College, MaCher, and Premium-Blend promotional poster for their new Graphic Design Scholarship specifically for 2 Native American Students. 
These posters were printed by hand on Chumash and Tongva land (Frogtown ((Los Angeles)) ). They each have 13 separate prints, 5 of them are intaglio, and 8 of them are block prints. Intaglio is a process in which a pull a print from scratch marks I've made in recycled plexiglass. Block prints are basically stamps, that I have carved from wood or recycled materials. 
The CTA text is a block print that was printed separately, scanned, and added on top in photoshop so that if the CTA needed to change it could without affecting the posters. The other block prints are the 2 sets of waves in the bottom corner, and the 6 sets of green Palm Fronds diagonally across the back. The 5 intaglio prints are the two Santa Monica College logos in the corners, the yellow Mountain Range in back, and the two animated Eyes. 

The eyes in the poster are 13 separate frames.
This is the test to make sure the movement looked natural.
I quite liked the annotation by hand of frame order in the test, so I added this to the final posters in the top left corner, helpful and adds a layer of dimension, as well as pushing the notion that this was made by hand. 

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