These prints are pressed and pulled by hand at Hallito studio, on Chumash and Tongva land (Frogtown ((Los Angeles)) ). My process is a combination of block prints, a nontraditional form of intaglio, and mono-prints, with a focus on environmentally friendly processes. The materials used for plates and blocks are mostly recycled or found materials. I've used traffic cones, gym mats, and even construction waste for printing blocks. The plates used in the intaligo process are recycled plexiglass scraps from a local art framing shop. Using plexi rather than copper plates allows me to skip all the toxic chemicals in the etching process. The inks used are soy and/or water based and made in America. Prints are for sale, contact to purchase.

Jackets Made By Hand
MoCNA On Display
Santa Monica College Native American Scholarship
Rose in Hand
The One That Sits Above Portrait Series
LA Printmaking Society
SWAIA 100 (2022) Awarded Pieces
Jacket Fabric Panel 1
Jacket Fabric Panel 2
Jacket Fabric Panel 3
Jacket Fabric Panel 4
Jacket Fabric Panel 5
X Gino Smalls
Feather Studies
Fabric Tests
SWAIA Showings
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